Car Rollover Simulator

Car Rollover Simulator

Scenario 1 Two people enter the vehicle, take up their seats and buckle up. Car spins around its axis twice with a safe speed. Inside the vehicle there are various objects (a tennis ball, wallet, plastic bottles).
Thanks to "rollover simulator" you will realise what are the risks of leaving loose objects in a car.

Scenario 2 Evacuation from an overturned vehicle is not easy. With the help of a training in simulators anyone can now try to get rid of the belt and get out of the "wreckage" as fast as possible. Our staff ensures the safety of our training procedures. This training experience is for people 18+ years of age after signing a declaration: "I free myself at my own risk " .Minor abrasions and bruises during the training are possible to occur on participants body,
however it is small price for receiving a training that can save your life in the future.

Hire our Car Rollover Simulator -the perfect educational attraction for parties, picnics, corporate events.
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For children : yes (Option 1)
For adults : yes (Option1&2)
For competition : yes

Size: 400 x 200
Power supply: 230v/2kW
Time to prepare : 30 minutes
Bandwidth: 2 persons / 3 min
Weight: 500 kg Net