Dynamic Rally Simulator WRC Pro. 3D

Professional Dynamic Simulator WRC Pro. 3D -
version for two people (driver + pilot)

WRC Simulator for 2 persons - has moving seats and four 24" monitors + optional 3D VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET- Oculus VR, that capture the true experience of driving a real WRC car in a 1:1 scale. All details of the simulator refer to sport cars. Aluminium construction and LED lighting provides excellent aesthetics. WRC simulator for two people is probably the only such device in Europe, where your simulation experience is so immersive.

Video from realisation:
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Become a racing driver or a rally pilot - the art of fast communication through fun experience.This motor sports simulator is designed for people of min. 10 years old or older and their weight should not exceed 120 kg. The simulation allows you to drive special stages (SS) on time. We have also prepared a driving school for those who want to feel the car before the start. The communication between the driver and the passenger (pilot) is via intercom. The pilot receives detailed information about stage and must provide the driver with pace notes in the most comprehensive manner.

We have made every effort to ensure that the driving experience is close to a real one.

Installing the driving simulator indoors or outdoors:
Lightweight design made entirely of aluminium allows the device to be brought up the stairs. The dimensions are 230 cm x 150 cm. When dismantled it is 2x 115cm x 150cm.
Assembly time does not exceed 30 minutes. Power Requirements 230V / 1.5 kW.
Unit weight is 170 kg (375 pounds). Race time is about 5 minutes.
The simulator can be used both outdoors (we provide a protective tent) as well as indoors.

Advertising on a driving simulator and in the simulation software:
WRC Simulator for 2 people allows any graphic design to be placed both outside on the body of a simulator and in the simulator programme itself on virtual cars or tracks.
We have more than 100 models of different brands of cars, not just the WRC.

Proposals for painting vehicles in the game:

For children: yes
For adults: yes
For competition: yes

Size: 230 cm x 150 cm
Power supply: 230V/2kW
Time to prepare: 30 minutes
Bandwidth: 200
Weight: 170 kg/375 lbs