F2 - Show Car - replica

Professional F2 Simulator Show Car
in a 1:1 scale with panoramic 3D screens:

The ideal attraction for presentations or as an F1 simulator for integration events.

Caution! - To bring an F1 simulator 1:1 (behaves like a real car) inside buildings requires
corridor/door width min. 160 cm (5.249 feet).

F2 car simulators are equipped with:

- 3x monitor with 3D system (3D optional)
- Full HD 1080p resolution
- Professional F1 steering wheel and pedals
- Cockpit designed for a height up to 200 cm
- Carbon fibre suspension
- Car body made of carbon fibres and resin
- Original alloys and wheels
- A program that perfectly reflects driving on circuits
- Surround sound

For children: yes
Adult: yes
Competition: yes

Size: 480cm x 180cm
Power supply: 230v/2kW
Time to prepare: 30 minutes
Capacity: -
Weight: 400 kg/882 lbs