Diving Simulator (mini-submarine - bathyscaphe)

Diving Simulator
( mini-submarine - bathyscaphe )

Hire or Buy price: please contact us
Event time : 8h

- 1 x tent (3m x 6m ) for outdoor events

Remarks :
- Walkway of minimum width of 120 cm (4ft) is needed to deliver the simulator

Perhaps not everyone had a chance to admire the beauty of a coral reef.
Our simulator allows you to explore the bottom of the sea to witness an underwater world and enjoy the scenery.
During the underwater expeditions you can see authentic species of plants, corals and fish.
The lighting system looks great when sunlight rays come through ocean depths.
The adventure can sometimes be thrilling, especially when attacked by bloodthirsty sharks. The simulator is dynamic (moving) which generates even stronger emotions.
It is an ideal device to highlight entertainment and educational sea & ocean themed events. We invite all underwater exploring fans to use our equipment to experience the v/real undersea adventure.

How to play :
The goal is to capture or photograph a certain species of fishes or other sea creatures.
Be careful, because you can come across many various dangerous predators in the deep sea.
Our diving instructor provides you with necessary information and helps you to discover the underwater world.
The culmination of the fun event is the announcement of the best diver.


For children : yes
For adults : yes
For competition : yes

Size: 230cm x 100 cm
Power supply: 230v/1kw
Time to prepare : 60 minutes
Bandwidth: 2 persons/5min
Weight: 250 kg (551 pounds)