Sailing simulator

Sailing simulator

We offer a realistic sailing simulator that features high-quality graphics and sound.
We provide a realistic sailboat " Optimist " which is used to participate in such races as
"Nivea - Blue Sails "and" Volvo " and many others .
The player takes real control over virtual sailboats of different classes and take part in competitions carried out on several world's most famous basins.

Boats have various characteristics and properties, therefore to master control over them in changeable weather conditions is a challenge for all lovers of sailing.
The simulator has a realistic control system.
The image is projected on the projector or three monitors.
Our instructor provides necessary information at all times.

How to play :
The task of the participant is fun sailing around buoys and return to port.
Time of this challenge should not exceed 7 minutes.
Two persons can enter the simulator.
During the game you can change the weather settings.

Rental price: please contact us

Event time : 8h

- 1 x tent (3m x 6m ) for outdoor events

Remarks :
- The walkway minimum width of 120 cm (48 inches)

For children : yes
For adults : yes
For competition : yes

Size: -
Power supply: -
Time to prepare : -
Bandwidth: -
Weight: -