Dynamic Truck Simulator 3D panoramic image

Dynamic Truck Simulator 3D panoramic image - for 2 people.

Truck Simulator for 2 people - has moving dynamic seats and four 24" monitors,which reflect the true experience of driving a real truck.All details of the simulator refer to real trucks.Aluminium construction and LED lighting provides excellent aesthetics.This simulator is the only such device with such immersive experience.

Video from realisation:

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Advertising on a driving simulator and in the simulation environment (including cars,trucks):
Truck Simulator for 2 people allows any graphic design to be placed both outside on the body of a simulator and in the simulator programme itself on virtual cars or tracks.

Photos display simulators painted with logos of the "Orlen Platinum" event.

Installing the driving simulator indoors or outdoors:
Lightweight design made entirely of aluminium allows the device to be brought up the stairs.
The dimensions are 230 cm x 150 cm. When dismantled it is 2x 115cm x 150cm.
Assembly time does not exceed 30 minutes.
Power Requirements 230V / 1.5 kW.
Unit weight is 200 kg (441 pounds).
The simulator can be used both outdoors (we provide a protective tent) as well as indoors.

For children: yes
For adults: yes
For Competition: yes

Size: 1.5m x 2.5m x 2m
Power supply: 230V/1.5W
Time to prepare: 30min
Bandwidth: 80 persons/ 8 hours
Weight: 200 kg/441 lbs