Space Shuttle Simulator

Space Shuttle Simulator

Do you know how hard it is to bring space shuttle back to Earth from orbit?
To do that you need to skilfully adjust the power of the engines and control the approach angle to be able to glide properly. Otherwise your ship will be burned in the top layers of the atmosphere. If you successfully  manage to go through, then manoeuvre the shuttle correctly to find a landing strip, land and brake. There is only one chance to make it right. Test your piloting capabilities to the maximum.

We invite all daredevils for a test flight in our simulator.

Additional attraction for an event may be a reflex-tester.

For children: yes
For adults: yes
For competition: yes

Size: 230 cm x 100 cm
Power: 230v / 1kW
Time to prepare: 30 minutes
Bandwidth: 1 person - 5 min
Weight: 150 kg