Dynamic Mobile Spacecraft Simulator

Dynamic Mobile Spacecraft Simulator -
with our flight instructor

We offer a great fun experience for anyone who  ever dreamed of taking part in missions that are beyond the reach of the average bread eater.If You are fascinated by the space, it's a treat for you!

Spacecraft simulator allows you to explore the cosmos like never before, traverse the boundless regions of space and also to explore the Moon !

It is not so complicated at all. Controls are intuitive , and our instructor will help you to take those first steps and teach you how to become a true conqueror of the space.

On top of great visual experience there are great sound effects provided by the high-end audio equipment.

Defeat the gravity and fly in to the space!

Video from our event:

Please also take a look at other videos of our simulators.

We offer three types of fun:

Galactic Fighter - our main objective is to get rid of the space pirates. Once seated in the simulator and after debriefing, our galactic fighter is escorted out from the mother-ship. There two firing modes - continuous ( machine guns, lasers ) and homing missiles .The player can also use a camouflage and speed boost. You must survive in the space battle as long as you can and defeat as many enemies as possible. For advanced players there is an option to change the level of difficulty - they are then moved to a different galaxy to deal with even more enemies. At the end we choose the best player by counting the number of downed opponents, or by the time that the players were able to survive in the space battle.

Space station - Save the space station from asteroids.

Travel trough the solar system - our instructor will take you on a tour through the wonders of the solar system.

As an additional attraction to the event we offer a reflex-tester.
This is an educational game and the goal is to switch off the randomly lighting up lamps as soon as possible.

For children : yes
Adult : yes
The competition : yes

Size: 1mx2mx1m
Power supply: 230v/1kW
Time to prepare : 60 minutes
Bandwidth: 200 /8 hours
Weight: 200 kg