Video Simulators

Video Simulators

The only thing of this kind, first-class device now available in Europe. We have developed a machine that according to our customers fulfils its task brilliantly. Every year we introduce improvements, so that the fun becomes even more exciting. Video Simulator can take several people on board per one go, and during a whole day we are able to spice up the time for about 1000 people . The device can operate in all weather conditions. For your special request, we are able to create any movie and adapt it to work with the simulator.

How to play:

2D movies - standard visualization system
3D movies - depth image system - anaglyph glasses required (can be provided)
Video Simulator capsule can take up to six persons. Participants of the video simulation are "moving" through the projected movie scenario. The duration of show does not exceed four minutes. Passengers have the impression of participating in a real event; for example: an airplane flight.

We have available at least 6 movies.
A large number of programs, superb sound and visual effects make a real experience for all brave souls.

We invite you to watch our presentation video:

For children : yes
For adults : yes
For competition : no

Size: s.7m x d.3m x h.4m
Power supply: 380V / 8kW b B
Time to prepare : 1 hr.
Bandwidth: 650 persons / 8h
Weight: 3.5 ton/ 7000 lbs