Simulators: Rodeo, Surfing, Snowboard and more

Simulators: Rodeo, Surfing, Snowboard and more

Activity Summary:
For all lovers of thrills and adventurers who want to test their ability in balancing their bodies we have a wide range of devices that provide a lot of fun!
Guaranteed fun for participants and for those who are only watching their struggles.
These devices attract the most attention from almost any audience.
In our offer you will find a mechanical bull and a device that imitates surfing on the waves.

This attraction seems interesting to you, but it does not fit thematically to the nature of your event? No problem! On special request we can perform a customisation especially for you.

Participants are protected by special airbags to help them avoid painful falls.
The goal of this event is to remain as long as possible on the mechanical bull.
The person sitting on the bull holds a short harness. Several programs of control provide a safe ride for children and also a wild adventure for adults.
Soft airbags protect against hard landing.

Mechanical Bull Simulator - Rodeo Simulator

Surfboard simulator, Snowboard simulator

At your request, we can implement any advertisements, posters directly on to our simulators giving them a unique outlook.

For children : yes
For adults : yes
For competition : yes

Size: 6m x 6m
Power supply: 230V / 4 kW
Time to prepare : 60 minutes
Bandwidth: 240 persons per 8h .
Weight: 300kg / 661 lbs