Sports-Arcade simulators

Sports-Arcade simulators

They are designed for all persons regardless of age.
Our sports simulators can be used by up to 4 people at the same time!
Games and competitions are conducted by our staff.
During 8 hours we can entertain up to 200 people.
Application of sports simulators: all social, corporate, training events etc.
The price includes all the components needed to perform a successful event .


We can change games every hour. For all lovers of sporting challenges we have in offer a real treat - a package of five sports games working with our sports simulator. Pressing keys and clicking mouse is not enough anymore - in order to play you have to put your whole body into it ! Guaranteed fun for both computer entertainment fans and even people that usually are sceptical to such entertainment. Sports simulator events can be organised in conference rooms, at corporate meetings or even outdoors! The package is designed for people over 12 years of age.


2. SKI JUMP - ski jumping simulator

A treat for all fans of competition in ski jumping!
Anyone that has ever dreamed of ski jumping -
now has the opportunity to try it on our simulator.
We control our alter-ego player on screen by keeping the balance and balancing the body
Best wins!

3. SKI and SNOWBOARD SLALOM - If you think that any winter without snow is lost because you have nowhere to slide, then try our skiing/snowboard simulator.
The simulator, which we offer solves your no-snow winter skiing problem.
Go down the slopes at a great speed, feel like you have skis on your feet and balance your body to victory !

4. GOALKEEPER SIMULATOR - football simulator ( goalkeeper )

Are you able to catch up with Artur Boruc:)?
Our simulator allows you to put yourself in the role of a professional footballer during training.
But this is not a simple task - to do it you must move your body exactly like in reality, standing on a device that is responsive also to pressure.
To complicate the training, there are incoming objects. You must avoid them because they give the on-screen alter-ego a headache and add penalty points to the participants results.

5.TENNIS - tennis simulator

Nobody can resist the possibility of the incarnation in the role of a professional tennis player fighting for the big win!
Controllers allow for perfect reproduction of participant's real movements on the screen. Professional audio and video equipment used with our simulators makes entertainment even more attractive.
The simulator provides fun time for both avid fans of the sport and those who just want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

6 FISHING - Fishing simulator

Great entertainment
for people who lack the time to go over the water to relax with a fishing rod.
Impatient people certainly will not be disappointed - as opposed to reality, our simulator allows for a very dynamic game.
Two fishing adventurers (players) are trying to get as many points within a certain time. Break a stick!

7. TARGET SHOOTING PRACTICE - shooting simulator

This is the end for the unrealistic use of computer input devices in a virtual entertainment!
Grab a replica of a weapon and prove that you are a great shooter.
Never shoot before? It's easy! Defend the villagers against the onslaught of aliens!
Are you a lone wolf or perhaps work better in teams of two? It is a great fun for everyone!

8.HULA - HOOP - athletics simulator

Each of us probably had a contact with this toy before, but certainly not like this!
Balance the body and try to swing hula-hoop as many times you can during indicated time.

9. BALLS OF BALANCE - dexterity tester-simulator

Go for a challenge! Balance the platform with your body in a way to bring all balls into the hole and proceed to the next level.
An additional difficulty is the limited amount of time to complete the task.
Great fun for everyone!


For people who love having fun on the dance floor we have a dance mat. It is an absolute hit! This fun is about copying movements that are shown on the screen, dancing to the beat of the music. You need to show off your great reflexes and sense of rhythm to meet the challenge. Dancing events entertain people for hours! Participants who wish to have even more exciting competition have the opportunity to play a dance duel against friends on two mats at the same time! It is possible to stage a tournament for the title of the best dancer of the event; it motivates players to push themselves to the maximum of their dancing abilities in a very friendly atmosphere .
11. BOWLING - bowling simulator
Bowling in a place covering only a fraction of the area occupied by a real bowling arena? Perfect reproduction of movements of the body and the laws of physics? Impossible?
With our simulator, participants can enter a new dimension of fun and virtual entertainment!
It is no longer needed to make a trip to bowling arena and wear the right outfit to have fun.
Both adults and children can participate in virtual bowling events.
Large portion of good fun and lots of smiles Guaranteed!

12. GOLF - golf simulator

Most people think of golf as a boring sport for stiff people.
Our simulator will break these stereotypes! It is no longer needed to wear polo shirt, slacks and expensive set of golf clubs to indulge yourself in this relaxing and yet exciting entertainment!
Both children and adults can try their hands at play.
Everyone can now enjoy the game thanks to intuitive control using a whole body.

13. BASEBALL - baseball simulator

If you are bored of playing sports games, which are only copies of its predecessors, and also agree with the view that physical activity is healthy - you just found yourself an entertainment which should exceed your expectations!
Feel the atmosphere of a baseball tournament playing the role of the pitcher or batter.
Using the simulator is very easy, so you can forget about complicated controls and fully focus your attention on an exciting game that is suitable for people of all age.

14. BILLIARDS - billiards simulator
No longer need to bring heavy and bulky billiards tables to spice up the party.
Thanks to the technology that monitors movements of players in three dimensions, participants have the impression that they are involved in an actual game. Worth a try!

15. TANKS - dexterity tester-simulator
This game probably does not need to be introduced. The cult title, the king of the first video consoles is back in great style! Anyone who has ever had contact with it, will be delighted to find a refreshed modern controls that allow for simultaneous control of the vehicle and firing in all directions!
Teams of two try to beat opponents and get the highest score.
Stand up to the fight!

16. Air hockey - arcade simulator
For all the people who like this game, our simulator will certainly be a nice change.
Amazing fast paced game-play ensures maximum of excitement and fun for anyone who dares to try.
Controls are very intuitive.
You have the ability to freely control the impact force and the shooting angle.
Great entertainment for the whole family !

17. BULL RACING - simulator ride a bull

For all lovers of outdoor events, we offer an innovative fun - compete bull races against another person, take part in the race.
Balance your body like a real rider to steer the animal to reach the finish line first!

18. CROSS RUNNING - running simulator
Our simulator will attract any indoor event, where participants want to check their physical condition. It allows two people to compete with each other on a short or long distance. Most successful participants usually squeeze their last sweats, but it rewards them with a satisfaction of reaching the finish line first.

19. DARTS - darts simulator
Show your eagle eye and coordination of movements.
We offer a simulator of the ever popular lounge game Darts.
With moving this game into a virtual dimension, the fun factor increases thanks to even more dynamic game-play.
No more problems such as bulky equipment, broken darts or a hole in the head!
Multiplayer entertainment at the highest level!

20. WALKING ON A TIGHTROPE - dexterity tester-simulator
Feel like a professional circus acrobat!
Our simulator will check people's ability to balance their body.
Each of participants must overcome the designated distance in the shortest possible time. Ranking of achieved results heats up the atmosphere and encourages to
exercise even harder.
Good Luck!

21.ARCHERY - bow simulator

Do You want to go back to the times of the legendary warriors?
With our simulator, everything is possible! Incarnate into the bravest bowman.
Be like Willhelm Tell!

For children: yes
For adults: yes
For competition: yes

Size: 5m x 6m
Power supply: 230 V/2kW
Time to prepare: 60 minutes
Bandwidth: 200 persons/8 hours
Weight: 50 kg/110 lbs