Airplane Flight Dynamic Simulator Pro Hire or Buy

Mobile Dynamic  Flight Simulator Pro for 2 people with our instructor Hire or Buy

The flight simulator is designed for two people. It has dynamic seats and four 24" monitors, which accurately reflect the experience of a real airplane flight . Details of the simulator build refer to a realistic aircraft. Aluminium construction and LED lighting provides excellent aesthetics. Mobile Flight Simulator provides an immersive experience. We have over 100 different aircraft models including the sleigh of Santa Claus!

Flight Event - The Pleasure of Flying

Become a pilot of the world 's largest aircrafts

Video from realisation:
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The program allows you to fly in any weather conditions. Communication between the pilot and our instructor is via intercom ( headphones). Pilot receives detailed information on how to start and control the machine. We have made every effort to ensure the realism in a professional way to give the impression of a real flight .
We have over 100 different aircraft models .

Advertising on the simulator and in the simulation programme.

Moving Flight Simulators allow placement of any graphic design on the outside of the simulator body and in the simulator computer programme. We have over 100 different aircraft models .

Installation simulator indoors or outdoors:

Lightweight design made entirely of aluminium allows the device to be brought up the stairs.
Flight simulators can be used both outdoors (we provide a protective tent) as well as indoors.

The device parameters :
- Dimensions when folded , 230 cm x 150 cm,
- Dimensions in a disassembled state , 2x 115cm x 150cm
- Assembly time , max 30 min
- 230V / 1.5 kW
- Weight 170 kg
- Flight time is about 5 minutes.

For children : yes
For adults : yes
For competition : yes

Size: -
Power supply: 230V/2kW
Time to prepare : 60 minutes
Bandwidth: 100 persons/8h
Weight: 200 kg/441 lbs