F1 Ferrari Show Car - replica


Professional Simulator Formula1 in a 1:1 scale

with 3 panoramic FULL HD 3D screens:

F1 Show Car - Ready for work
F1 Show Car - Ready for work

Professional Simulator Formula1 in a 1:1 scale

The ideal attraction for presentations or integration events.

Caution! - To bring F1 simulator 1:1 (behaves like a real car) inside buildings requires

corridor/door width min. 160 cm (5.3 feet).


Video from realisation:

Please Take a look at other videos of our simulators as well.


F1 simulator in 1:1 scale has three monitors that capture the realistic experience of driving a real F1 car.

All details of F1 simulator are captured with masterful precision.

Become F1 Formula One driver in F1 simulator.

The program allows a free ride as well as a time attack competition.

Hire two F1 cars and we will organize races between cars via network.


We have made every effort to ensure that the simulation experience reflects driving in a real F1 car

as close as possible.

F1 cars for hire:

 F1 car simulators are equipped with:

 - 3x monitor with 3D system (3D optional)

     - Full HD 1080p resolution

     - Professional F1 steering wheel and pedals

     - Cockpit designed for a height up to 200 cm

     - Carbon fibre suspension

     - Car body made of carbon fibres and resin

     - Original alloys and wheels

     - A program that perfectly reflects driving on circuits

     - Surround sound

 F1 Events:

Advertise on F1 simulator and in the program.

 F1 car simulator lets you place any graphic design on the simulator outside body as well as in the simulator software.

We have several models of the formula F1 cars.

F1 simulator can be used both outdoors (we provide a protective tent) as well as indoors.


Racing themed decorations and reflex-tester are a great addition to F1 events.


Below you can see how detailed our F1 simulators are:

For children: yes

   For adults: yes

   For competition: yes

    Size: 480 cm x 200 cm

   Power supply: 230V/2kW

   Time to prepare: 60 minutes

   Bandwidth: 200

   Weight: 200 kg/441 lbs