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I dating app experiment what I like to call compound dating-app anxiety. The apps in general stress me out: The waiting for a message back, the profile tweaking to make sure I sound cool enough for a swipe right, and the compulsion to constantly be checking for new guys all give me sinking, dread-like feelings. But at the end of last year, I had a series of dates that seriously had me considering deleting my apps foreve r. He was also spectacular at gaslighting me. The last time we hung out, he spent an entire day at my apartment, and then told me that it was crazy that we spent so much time together so early on. He must not have realized he was an autonomous adult who could leave at any time. I went into the holidays feeling pretty defeated.

One of my favourite things to listen to as child was how my parents fell for each other. Apparently my mom had really eye-catching, thought-provoking legs and one day my dad felt too challenged intellectually and asked a friend of hers for her number. He summoned the courage to call and ask her out. She turned him down the first time, and as a matter of fact, the second time too. But the dating app experiment time — he threatened. It involves lots of door-guarding and flower-bringing and window-stone-throwing. A month ago I decided to conduct a social experiment. Or maybe I just decided to call it such, because otherwise it would have been too much for my pride to swallow.

Every month, I write a column for StyleCaster. However, after months of staying away from dating apps dating app experiment, I decided it might be time to give them one last shot. I want support and the ability to live out loud days a year, every year.
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