About us

Vreal company was established in 2010.

We wanted to chase dreams and we created a company that provides services of entertainment industry for all simulator fun enthusiasts. Vreal is focused on enhancing the attractiveness of all kinds of public or private events. Our team consists of people who are professionals with many years of experience in simulator engineering business. We are passionate about technological innovation, which allows us to build safe, reliable and mobile simulators.

Every year we conduct over 80 events. Our regular customers and their references are the best proof of the great fun we provide and the highest standards of our services.

We have noticed that there is lots of lower quality, not professional simulators emerging on the market. With ordinary static seat and only one monitor, they do not provide the expected emotions, especially for adults.

On the market, there are also available hydraulic or pneumatic simulators, but they are unpleasantly noisy, not very dynamic and require a lot of space.

Therefore to meet expectations of our customers, we have focused on building professional simulators, that use electric motors, which are silent in operation and consume less power. We have focused also on external visualization and most important on the customisable software settings.

When combining more of our simulators in a network, we receive a level of adrenaline not seen in any other fun. Please invite us to your event to feel it for yourself.

We invite You to use our services. Welcome