We specialize in making any events even more attractive with our technologically advanced training, educational and entertainment devices.

We offer You a choice of selected mobile dynamic simulators for hire:

F1 formula car in a scale 1:1, safe driving simulator, WRC simulator, flight (including spaceship) simulator, powerboat simulator, sailing simulator, reflex-tester and the newest 3D Virtual Reality Headsets - Oculus Vr


New in 2014!

 - 3D VR Helmets - Oculus Rift VR working with our simulators -
Newest achievement in 3D screening
- Speedway Motorcycle Simulator - 
Real speedway motorcycles adapted to speedway motorcycle simulators
- Old Arcade Games Automats -
 Best computer games from the 90's Commodore, Atari, Amiga 
- Enhanced version of Rally WRC Pro simulator -
We have made several important enhancements to our simulators that make car driving simulation even more real.

We sell in countries: Germany, England, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Russia and whole Europe. Simulators for sale: Show Car, Car Simulator, Formula F1 Car Simulator, Simulator Formula, Simulator F1, WRC Simulator, Flight Simulator, Excavator Simulator, Arcade Machines.